The dos and don'ts of small business social media

It's a Thursday evening. You've gone for a impromptu post-work tipple with colleagues and remain glued to your phone as you finish off business for the day. After one drink you find yourself being a little more friendly than usual in email sign-offs - and after three or four pull out some 'witty' one-liners in response to tweets from business competitors or, even worse, your customers.

By then the damage has been done. Far too many people have woken up with a sore head, only to be lambasted on social media for misguided comments written under the influence the night before. But it's worse still when it's your business reputation at risk. It's easy to see how social media for small business can go wrong,buy instagram followers for 5 but that's no reason to shun it or be too buttoned up on there. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools can be a vital way of expanding your business' reach, winning new customers and communicating with existing ones. We got some advice from Jonathan Kini, head of small & SME business at Vodafone UK and a former Virgin Media customer services director, on how firms can play the social media game the right way.

Social Media

Why how you use social media matters

While 24-hour access to technology has given businesses the freedom to work on-the-go, it also creates a number of blurry lines that start-ups must navigate. And, while it's easy to point out that this really should come down to a spot of common sense, it's sometimes easier said than done. Jonathan Kini is head of small & SME business at Vodafone UK, and works with companies to help them revamp their technology to better realise business ambitions through social media, faster response times and on-the-go connectivity. He is also formerly director of customer services at Virgin Media and knows how important staying on-side with loyal followers of a brand can be. This is particularly the case as complaints are increasingly being logged via Twitter and Facebook, which means customer interaction is played out in the open. best site to buy instagram followers Below he lays out the opportunities available to start-ups and SMEs thanks to technological developments for strengthening their brand following and boosting business opportunities - as well as firm guidelines they need to follow to maximise the benefits that come with technology.

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